Welcome to your Personalized Wedding.
It’s You.  It’s Real. It’s Unforgettable!

I do my best work for Creative Type A people who want their wedding to be personal, organized and most importantly FUN!

I do my best work for people who DO NOT WANT the same cheesy wedding shenanigans that they’ve seen hundreds of times.

I do my best work for intelligent, friendly, sentimental, highly motivated go-getters who are either in grad school or in professional careers.


Personalized Weddings with LoveAre we a Good Match?

If this describes you, then the next step is to meet either online via video chat or in person. Now I understand you might be hesitant to meet because you’re afraid I might tie you to a chair until you sign a contract, but nothing could be further from the truth. I really, really dislike the “sales process”.  (just like you) Telemarketing calls annoy me. Misrepresentation of talent and skill and lying to close a deal disgusts me. Most of my so-called competitors could probably sell circles around me.  But I’m not about that.  I’m an artist first who unfortunately needs to go through the sales process with you in order to find clients who deserve all the heart and soul I will put into their wedding day.


It's all about loveIt’s All About Love


If you’re looking for someone who will be just as excited about your wedding day as you, then we should chat.

If you’re looking for something different, something fun and someone who will be there for you from day one, then we should chat.

If you’re looking for someone who will do everything they say they will do and more, we should chat.

If you want an all inclusive package with no surprise fees, we should chat.
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