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VIDEO: Dirty Dancing Lift at Wedding

Where:  Cousiac Manor - Lanexa, VA When:  March 11, 2017 Rylie & Cody had already done their bubble departure, but as the last song was playing they decided to attempt the lift from Dirty Dancing! They were almost successful....but Rylie accidentally stepped on...

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VIDEO: Surprise Your Dad with a Personalized Voice-Over

Sentimental & Fun This video is several years old, but it truly shows the power of creating personalized moments. Nicole's father had NO IDEA that he was in for the shock of his life as he began the father daughter dance. After the song, their wasn't a dry eye in...

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How to Choose a Wedding DJ?

First Rule:  All DJs are NOT the same... 10% are absolutely amazing 25% are OK (nothing horrible, but nothing amazing either) 50% just barely get the job done and they make lots of mistakes 15% are scum who double and triple book, don't show up, bait and switch and...

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The Montpelier Center

If you're having a Wedding Reception at The Montpelier Center for Arts and Education in Montpelier, Virginia, (which is near Richmond, Virginia) take a look at this recent real wedding celebrating the marriage of Rachael & Garett!  It was a diverse crowd that was...

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