Richmond Wedding DJs at Dover Hall

Richmond Wedding DJs at Dover Hall

If you are looking for Richmond Wedding DJs, you’ve come to the right place.  Liz Daley has been entertaining at wedding celebrations for over 16 years in the Richmond VA area. Her approach is unique and fun, and guests are guaranteed to have an amazing time!

Richmond Wedding DJs at Dover Hall 


Dover Hall - Richmond Wedding DJs

Again, if you’re looking for Richmond Wedding DJs, check out this recent wedding at Dover Hall, a private estate located near Richmond, Virginia.

This English Tudor estate and its grounds are more than just a stunning setting. Dover Hall was built to be the perfect place for special occasions, run by a team of professionals who hold service to a higher standard.

Dover Hall combines the grandeur of days past with modern conveniences, providing unforgettable experiences.

The estate’s 33,000 square feet command a majestic view of 55 acres of rolling hills and woodlands. Inside, over 30 rooms—including a two-story ballroom, solarium, library, and bridal wing—invite guests to live luxuriously and leave the details to the attentive staff. A treasure trove of classical art and elegant antiques, Dover Hall is a perfect setting for events of all kinds.


Dover Hall Outside Seating-Richmond Wedding DJs

Dover Hall Outside Seating -2-Richmond Wedding DJs

Dover Hall Library - Richmond Wedding DJs

Dover Hall Staircase- Richmond Wedding DJs

Grand Fireplace at Dover Hall

Dover Hall - Grand Ballroom - Mother/Son Dance- Richmond Wedding DJs

Nick & Nora’s Love Story at Dover Hall in Richmond VA

How does a super-nerdy girl from Connecticut meet a baseball-playing boy from Virginia?
They met in genetics class, and as you can see…it was chemistry.

Nick thought Nora was Hot…..

Nora thought Nick was “Hot”….

And Nora thought to herself…Hot and a nerd….win – win!!!!  So… it was Nora who made the first move and introduced herself to Nick.

Their first date was “Netflix and chill”…before the phrase was coined….and they watched “Crazy Stupid Love”. And their first fine dining experience was at Denny’s because the only restaurant open after 8pm on a Sunday is Denny’s.

And….Sad but true…..Their first kiss was while watching a movie…. in a nasty, dirty, college apartment…. On a futon…
(Everything Nora had ever dreamed of)

It was Nora who said “I love you” first…. Because Nick likes to take things slow.

Except for the engagement. Once he got the ring, which was purchased at the same store that his dad bought his mom’s ring….. he couldn’t help himself and proposed much earlier than he thought he would.

And he did it up right… at her parent’s river house…..candles… flowers… champagne.. wine …. Dinner and a cake from her favorite bakery.

Clearly…. The answer was YES.

I asked Nora why Nick was the perfect guy for her and she said ….

“He’s the perfect guy for me for many reasons. He makes me a better person. We always have so much fun together. We have the same sense of humor and similar interests so are on the same page when deciding what to do. At this point he knows the reasons I do things without me even saying so. He’s my #1 fan, and supports me in every way. Medical school isn’t easy in the leastbit, but we make it through with the help of each other.”

I asked Nick the same thing and he said….

“Nora is perfect for me for a lot of different reasons, but probably the most important isthat she puts up with my antics.
I’m definitely a pain in the ass, but she loves me anyway.
She’s smarter than me, she’s pretty, and makes me want to be better for her.
We share the same passions in life and I can’t wait to continue find my way with her.
And now… after waiting for three years ( and getting through medical school)
It’s time for another first… their first dance as husband and wife.”


First Dance: Nick and Nora will share their first dance as husband and wife
Music: “La Vie En Rose” by Daniela Andrade

Father/Daughter Dance: Nora will dance with her father, Michael.
Music: “It Won’t Be Like This for Long” by Darius Rucker

Mother /Son Dance: Nick will dance with his mother, Susan.
Music: “Don’t Blink” by Kenny Chesney

 Richmond Wedding DJs at Dover Hall in Richmond

Dover Hall Grand Ballroom - Richmond Wedding DJs

Wedding Cake at Dover Hall - Richmond Wedding DJs

Dancing:  Richmond Wedding DJs 

Dancing at Greek Wedding in Richmond VA

Fun Wedding Receptions

Can’t Stop The Feeling – Ladies Dance

Liz congratulating Nick & Nora on their wedding day!

Liz Daley - Richmond Wedding DJs

Wedding Attire: Dress to Impress

Wedding Attire: Dress to Impress

TM Lewin Wedding Attire

What will I wear?

Have you ever received a wedding invitation that left you completely questioning what will I wear? Maybe the request for specific attendee attire is printed in a few words on the invitation, or maybe the formality of the event is socially implied via venue, location, or time of day.

Regardless, between black tie optional, semi-formal, casual and so forth, the language of wedding dress codes can feel impossible to decode. Preparing that perfectly polished outfit to have you confident enough for the dance floor while enhancing the overall style of the event is crucial for a memorable party. Weddings are photography havens; from wedding day hashtags to professional pictures and photo booths, you will surely end up in the background of several images. You’ll feel your best, knowing that you look your best.

 Our friends at T.M.Lewin, the fine London-based tailors have created a savvy style guide to help all wedding attendees navigate what to wear for the upcoming season of special occasions. Whether you’re only on the guestlist or even preparing a toast, these helpful style tips will have you appropriately prepared no matter how formal or casual the event might be. Historically, the T.M.Lewin company is well known for their timeless innovations to the coat-shirt, better recognized today as the button-down shirt or button front dress shirt. It is no question that this classic garment has become a wardrobe standard in wedding culture. Today, the historic British tailors at T.M.Lewin continue to lend their generations worth of dress code wisdom to have you styled to impress.

So ladies, if you’re like me and your job is to dress your husband or boyfriend, you should check out T.M. Lewin.  They have great prices and extraordinary craftsmanship! You and your partner will look like a million bucks!


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