Adam & Joe Celebrate their Union!

I was pleased to participate in my first Gay Wedding in Virginia, by helping Adam and Joe celebrate at The Alumni House!  It was a fantastic day!

Gay Weddings in Williamsburg VA

Adam and Joe’s Love Story

They met seven years ago…online…no big deal…. and then….just a few months later…they met “in person” …by accident …at the gym.

Joe thought to himself, “Cute…but a smartass”.

Adam thought, “ What a nice guy”.

First Date: Valentine’s Day!
Their “pretend” first date was “lunch”. They were just friends and wanted to play it safe.
However…It wasn’t until later they realized they had chosen Valentine’s Day for their first date. Oops.

When they decided to have a real date. It was March 7, 2007. They had dinner at Luna Maya. And since it was officially a real date, they sealed the deal with a kiss.

The Proposal
It was Adam who said, “I Love You” first, but he said it in Spanish. (Te Amo). And It was Adam who did the proposing…

(start sarcasm)  Adam was very romantic. Adam spared no expense. Adam went all out. [end sarcasm]

It went kinda like this….While they were putting dishes away after dinner.

Adam: “Hey, since we’ve finally gotten some stuff done around the house and it’s all paid for, I was thinking maybe we should get married”
Joe: “Really? That’s a great idea”
Adam: “Cool…Should I make brownies?”
Joe: “Yes”

In Adam’s defense….they were already comitted to each other. They already felt “engaged”. They had already merged their lives together with their home, their finances….their power of attorney.  It was time to share their love with family and friends… (especially since it was now legal in Virginia)

Gay Weddings at The Alumni House

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