I was in California last week to co-MC a wedding with my friend, Peter Merry….and after days of last minute preparations and an amazing reception with Chad and Robin ….we played tourist.  We went Whale Watching (but only saw a few Dolphins and Sea Lions) and then, thanks to our friend Kenny Millen, who is the resident DJ for the show….we got to go to a taping of the hottest ticket in town…”The Big Bang Theory”!  The taping took almost 6 hours, but we had a GREAT time!

Did you know that Mayim Bialik, who plays Amy Farrah Fowler, a neuro-bioligist and Sheldon’s girlfriend actually has her PhD in neuroscience from UCLA?  Yep!!!!  She does!!!!!

Here’s me hanging out in the lab!!!!


I got to sit in Sheldon’s favorite spot on his sofa……but Sheldon (aka Jim Parsons) was NO  WHERE in site!

I also visited the girl’s apartment…..

Meeting the cast

Liz and Melissa Rauch (Bernadette)

Liz and Simon Helbert (Wolowitz)

The Sound Stage

After Hours Tour

Kenny took Peter and I for an after-hours tour of the Warner Brothers Lot.  Behind them is Ashton Kutcher’s “double-decker” trailer where he hosts a super “after-party” following filming of “Two and a Half Men” each week.

Kenny is also the DJ for “Two and a Half Men”….we’ll visit there next time!!!!!

What a great night!!!!!!