Guest Blog on Beauty – Liz Davies

New Year’s resolutions are the perfect way to stay motivated when planning your special wedding day for 2012. Focusing on the new you just adds to the excitement of wedding events. There are several resolutions you can make and fulfill during the anticipation of your upcoming wedding.

Teeth Whitening with Whitening Kits

All eyes will be focused on your gorgeous smile as you say your wedding vows. Whitening your teeth is simple, quick and easy to do. There are numerous whitening kits available at the local drug store. Go ahead and use a kit now to have a confident smile during bridal showers, cake tasting and other wedding events. Often, these take a week or so to brighten teeth. MD, VA and DC dentist offices offer many different types of teeth whitening services which can be used if a faster result is sought.

Lustrous Shiny Hair with Hair Masks

Add shine and luster to your hair with an at-home hair mask from your local beauty supply store. Apply hair masks bring out the natural beauty in your hair. You can invite the maid-of-honor over and the two of you can put hair masks on each other’s hair. This is a great time to talk about the upcoming wedding and to share some bonding time together. You can even watch a movie together while the hair mask does it work on your hair.

Pedicure for Soft Feet

Don’t put off getting a pedicure until the last minute. A pedicure is a fun way to bring out the softness in your feet. You can kick off your shoes on your honeymoon without feeling self-conscious about calluses on your feet or cracked heels. Be certain to select a toe-nail polish that is bright and bold to wear on that special night. It is even fun to pick out a pair of sexy night-slippers to wear on your honeymoon night to show off the beauty of your feet.

Purchase a Special Wedding Anklet

One of the things that you can wear that is something new is a special anklet for both the wedding ceremony and for your honeymoon activities. Massage lotion into the back of your heels and around your ankles on each night before going to sleep. You will notice that your ankles have transformed to be soft, supple and sexy. What a better way to show them off than with a special new anklet just specifically for your wedding and honeymoon night.

Use your resolutions to make small improvements and follow beauty tips for both your wedding and your honeymoon. This is a special time for everyone. Take time out of the hectic schedule and wedding planning to pamper yourself and to bond with your maid-of-honor. You deserve nothing but the very best during this exhilarating and exciting time in your life.


Liz Davies is a recent college graduate and aspiring writer especially interested in beauty and fashion. She wants to make a difference in people’s lives by spreading positive messages. Liz also likes shopping, hanging out with friends, reading and playing with her dog, April.


Disclaimer:  Liz Daley Events claims no knowledge of any product or service represented in this guest blog article.