Pricing for Wedding DJs…How Much?  

It’s the first question we ALL ask.

None of us wants to waste money.

I am not, will not, nor do I want to be the “average” wedding DJ.  

Pricing matters, you absolutely get what you pay for.

And I’m guessing you don’t want YOUR WEDDING to be the AVERAGE WEDDING… so you probably want to avoid the “average” wedding DJ.

If you only want “music”….rent some speakers and plug in your iPod.
Entertainment isn’t a priority to you and therefore we are not the right fit.

If PRICE is your only concern…there are many, many people who will show up (hopefully)and push play for a very economical price because its a side job or hobby. But how committed to the success of your day do you think they will be?

If your concern is VALUE for your INVESTMENT…then we should TALK.

If FUN is what you want…we should TALK.

If a GREAT PARTY is what you want…we definitely should TALK!

Your Master of Ceremonies, Music Programmer and Wedding Entertainment Director® will be THE MOST important investment of the day.

Call me and let’s discuss how we can make your day ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

757-566-4530 – Office

917-653-3750 – Text

I promise no one will work harder than me towards the success of your wedding day.

I promise I will provide you service with my whole heart.

I promise I will be committed to the success of your day!