The Montpelier Center

The Montpelier Center

If you’re having a Wedding Reception at The Montpelier Center for Arts and Education in Montpelier, Virginia, (which is near Richmond, Virginia) take a look at this recent real wedding celebrating the marriage of Rachael & Garett!  It was a diverse crowd that was ready to have a fantastic time…and they were not disappointed.  Liz Daley was the Wedding DJ and the dance floor was full all night long!

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The Montpelier Center for Arts and Education

Great Wedding DJ = Lots of Fun and lots of Dancing!

First Group Dance of the Night

Their Love Story

…As told by Master of Ceremonies, Liz Daley.

Rachael and Garett met in 2010 at a pool party! And….Rachael was there with another dude! Garett thought Rachael was extremely beautiful, shy…and kind of stuck up! Rachael’s first thought: He has REALLY NICE ABS! ….But he’s kind of a “show-off”. Then she started to see what a genuine man he really was…

A year later they had their first date! Garett took Rachael to a great seafood dinner, then to his parent’s boat. Then they walked on the pier….and spent hours and hours talking….one topic of conversation… which Disney Character’s they reminded each other of…the night was effortless….and the best date that either of them had ever been on! In fact, Garett said to Daniel… “Ya, Bro…I’m done….there’s something about this girl”

They shared their first kiss as “Casa Blanca”…and Rachael said it was the best kiss of her life, as she thought to herself…”I didn’t know a kiss could be that good”

Garett fell in love first….but it was Rachael who said it first! After Two Weeks!

Maybe the wine helped!

December 11, 2013…Garett was visiting Rachael for her graduation from nursing school, and he told her to open her present. She knew he was going to get her a stethoscope. When she opened it…she saw he had engraved HIS last name after hers. She thought to herself, “You know how much I want to marry you….you can’t keep doing cute things like this and not ask me to marry you”. (she may or may not have been a little impatient)

Then she looked up and Garett was down on one knee!  And she said “Yes”!!!!!

Liz, Rachael & Garett

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The Main Ballroom at The Montpelier Center

Richmond Wedding DJs

And Yes…D.I.Y decorations must “go up” and “come down”….