Top 20 Complaints about DJs

1.  Music was too loud!

2. They said all the names wrong!

3.  Their equipment broke in the middle of the reception!

4. They played the wrong version of “our song”!

5.  They NEVER called me back!

6.   They didn’t have my music requests!

7. They played songs from  “Do Not Play” list!

8.  They kept “yapping”  the whole night and would not “shut-up”!

9.  They badgered my guests to play stupid games or dance to stupid songs!

10.  They played cheesy songs like “The Chicken Dance” and “Macarena”!

11. They were not dressed appropriately for my wedding!

12. The person I hired is not the person who showed up at my wedding!

13.  They were late!

14.  The were hitting on my bridesmaids.

15.  They were drunk!

16.  They were rude and inappropriate in person and on the microphone

17. They played “club” and “ghetto” music all night long!

18.  They played nothing but “old stuff” all night long!

19.  They had a huge tacky sign advertising their business prominently displayed at their DJ booth and left piles of business cards on every table.

20.  They didn’t show up!!!!!!!!

 Most of these horror stories could have been avoided.

Do your research.

Hire a Professional.

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