Virginia Weddings: Questions & Answers:  

Norfolk Wedding DJ (Photo: Brad Howe)

 How much do weddings cost in Williamsburg, Virginia?

The short answer…you’re probably going spend more on Wedding Planning and Wedding DJs than you thought you were going to spend.
Every single one of my Virginia Wedding clients who has searched for Wedding Planning and Wedding DJs has been concerned about budget. Who wouldn’t be?  They just made planning and entertainment a priority, and after all was said and done, they were thrilled with that decision. My clients have told me, time and again,  the value they received for my services far exceeded their financial expenditure.
The average total amount spent for wedding receptions in Williamsburg, Virginia is around $26,000.  That means some receptions are coming in at $10,000 to $15,000 while others are $40,000 to $50,000. (with exceptions in both directions)

Consider Your Guests

While everyone wants to save money where they can, it’s important to remember that your guests are also investing a lot of money to be a part of your big day. Think about this: You’ve invited 100 guests and each of them is most likely spending $900 to celebrate with you. (Plane tickets, rental cars, hotels, food, pet sitters, baby sitters, etc) Now do the math:  100 x $900 = $90,000.  Your guests have spent a combined $90,000!!! Even if my estimate is high, cut that number in half, that’s still a combined expenditure of $45,000!!!! They deserve a GREAT PARTY, and hiring a talented DJ will guarantee that your guests will not regret their investment.

Virginia Weddings (Photo: Brad Howe)Virginia Weddings: What Kind of Clients Do You Like to Work With?

I like to work with very smart, very strong and very creative types.  I find it helpful if they’ve actually been a part of a wedding that was very disorganized or seen really BAD Wedding DJs, because then they come to the table knowing they want something superior than the status quo accepted when people think about hiring Wedding Planners and Wedding DJs.  My ideal client has a very strong vision and isn’t shy about sharing what they want.

Williamsburg Wedding Planning (Photo: Brad Howe)Virginia Weddings:  How Does the Planning Process Work?

Many clients begin the planning process more than a year in advance.  After that, they tend to begin the creative process six to nine months prior to their wedding.  Of course, there are some who wait until three months or less before the wedding to start planning. It  just depends upon the personalities of the bride and groom.  I’m pretty flexible and can accommodate your schedule. The most important thing is your “comfort” level. I want you to be relaxed and stress-free throughout the entire planning process (and on your wedding day).

Planning a wedding is a HUGE undertaking, and there are a lot of details to consider. If you tried to do everything at once…you would get overwhelmed very quickly. That’s where I can help.  I will give you homework assignments and we will work through a detailed checklist together to make sure that nothing is forgotten, and that nothing is left to chance. Think about it like this…your wedding is a mind-blowing calculus equation…I am your tutor. I will make it fun and easy.

Destination Wedding Planner (Photo: On Location Portraiture)

I Just Want Simple…Can You Do That?

I promise to create the wedding that is right for you.
I will include all the things you want, while excluding all the things that you DO NOT want.



Virginia Weddings

If you require a kick-ass wedding DJ and wedding planner?  Call me!  Seriously!  757-566-4530.

If you want to have an amazing party, with nothing left to chance…invest in my services and I personally guarantee an amazing wedding reception. 

Call Me…Let’s Meet. (and I mean everybody…fiancé, Mom, Dad, Future In-Laws….everybody)

 We’ll talk about what you and your families are looking for, and then…after you tell me all the good stuff, I will put together a personalized proposal for you to consider.  Then you can take as much time as you like to decide.

No Strings.  No Obligations. Really.

I promise you will walk away from our meeting better equipped to make all your spending decisions.

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