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Suzie and Corey celebrate their wedding at The John Marshall Ballrooms in Richmond, VA.

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Suzie & Corey’s Love Story

They both grew up in Virginia and met while still in high school. Suzie was busy treating her sister like her own personal life size barbie, and Corey was hanging out with his friends who were the reason the “no skateboard signs” were invented!

They met 9 years ago. He says they met in December, she says January….but they both agreed there was snow on the ground. They were out with a bunch of friends at a concert and they “hit it off”.

Corey said that Suzie was the “prettiest thing he had ever seen”. He bought her a soda and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

His signature move….in order to leave her wanting MORE.

Their first real date was at Galaxy Diner. Corey still has the receipt in his wallet.

Corey “officially” asked Suzie to be his girlfriend after they went to see the movie, “Starksey and Hutch”.

She really wishes they had seen a better movie.

Within months, they were both completely smitten,

but it took “a bit” longer for Corey to propose.

He had a great plan for Christmas Day 2011, but Suzie unknowingly sabataged everything! When he was finally able to ask her, of course, her immediately answer was “yes”…

It’s been 9 years since their journey began, and now in front of friends and family they have truly made it official.

First Dance:  “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton
Father/Daughter Dance:  Surprise Voice Over Mix created by Liz Daley
Mother/Son Dance:  “Don’t Lose Me Boy” by The Bacon Brothers (short edit)