inment Director® in Virginia-3Who Is Liz?

I am theatre girl who loves “eating out” as well as “ordering in”. I love plush linens and towels and I would be thrilled if my budget allowed for first class travel ALL THE TIME!  (sadly…it doesn’t)


My everyday “uniform” is black yoga pants and a t-shirt. My closet is full of these two items.  If you see me in something else…I’m probably performing or had a meeting.

I love “chick flicks”  as well as Science Fiction movies and pretty much,  must finish watching “Back to the Future” whenever it is on TV.

I totally “geek out” over Musical Theatre but my favorite music to dance to is 1970’s FUNK music!

An exciting vacation for me is sitting in a cabana looking at the ocean while drinking a fancy concoction with a kick to it.

© Jack Looney Photography