Meg and Scott celebrate at The Lodge!!!!

Williamsburg Lodge Weddings are as hometown as one can get, and for local couple Meg & Scott, who decided to celebrate their marriage in the heart of the historic area, it was the perfect setting!  And of course, they had the best local Wedding DJ ever, Liz Daley!!!!Williamsburg Wedding DJ at The Williamsburg Lodge

The beautiful Colony Room…set up for almost 300 people!

Wedding DJ in the Colony Room at The Williamsburg Lodge


Beautiful Centerpieces

Elegant Wedding Centerpiece at Williamsburg Lodge


Simple and Elegant Set Up

Elegant Wedding Table Design


Dancing All Night Long!

DJ and Dancing for an Amazing Wedding at The Williamsburg Lodge


Megan and Scott’s Love Story

How does a courtship begin in a small town like Williamsburg? It starts at birth!
Back in 1990, at Williamsburg Community Hospital – Megan came into this world, and little did she know that just over a year later, Scott, the man destined to be her husband, would also be born in that very same hospital.

They kind of always knew “OF” each other their whole lives. Their parents were friends. They had the same friends. Scott just figured Megan was out of his league.

Then one day in high school… a friend said to Scott, “ Why don’t you ever say “Hi” to Megan when we walk by every day?” “It hurts her feelings!” So the very next day, Scott said “Hi”…and Megan smiled back and blushed with embarrassment. And acccording to Megan…. “Scott had her at “Hi”!

Their first date was at Starbucks after a soccer game with friends, and they fell in love Starbucks ….and each other!

They share many of the same memories…Junior/Senior Prom, The Cheese Shop, and multiple trips to the Outer Banks!

Then….the high school sweethearts became long distance partners as they each went away to college. But their love was destined to lead to marriage.

The Proposal:
Scott was ready to propose, so he called his mom to help him find the ring.
He was scared to death that someone would see him in the jewelry store and ruin his planned surprise.

Within 15 minutes he had exactly what he wanted. Then he had to call the credit card company and tell them it was OK.

And…As Scott was driving back to Richmond, he called Megan’s father and said, “ You have no choice…I have the ring and I am marrying your daughter”. Then he called his friends and they began planning the bachelor party!

The plan was to propose on the doorstop in front of their first home together. But, Megan’s online class was running late and she doesn’t like to open doors. Especially when peep holes are covered by Halloween decorations.

So….while down on one knee…Scott knocked on the door. No response. He knocked again. No response.

At that point, Megan texted Scott and said…   it’s late….When will you be home….someone keeps knocking on the door and I’m not going to open it.

Scott reassured her it would be OK to open the door and that is when she saw him down on one knee with flowers, balloons and champagne!

Megan dropped her phone and stared at Scott with her mouth wide open.

When she came back down to earth…Scott said, “ Will You Marry me?” and Megan said, “YES!” And now today in front of friends and family they are beginning a new chapter in their lives……a continuation of a love that started long ago.

First Dance:  “Better Together” by Jack Johnson & Paula Fuga (special mix)